Hey there!

Glad you stopped by!  On this blog I mostly share recipes and tips for green living.  I am NOT a chef and I’m not sure I would qualify as a “foodie”.  What I do offer are healthier versions of traditional Latino recipes, plus many vegetarian dishes and reduced sugar desserts.  I am not a strict holistic familiavegetarian either– many of these recipes were born out of necessity when I discovered my children had food sensitivities. Our dietary restrictions ended up being a blessing in disguise– giving us the opportunity to eat more consciously.

I basically share what I concoct in my kitchen and take photos with my trusty iPhone while I’m cooking (if you examine the pics  you’ll often see a little hand in the background- those are my kids getting in on the action).  I am a busy mom so I look to make things quick and simple with easy-to-find ingredients.

Every year my family makes greater progress  towards a more environmentally friendly or “green” lifestyle.  You’ll also occasionally see posts on how we manage and what we are learning on our journey as a Holistic Familia.

About me: I’m an educator and coach.   Please check out my current website Deepening Wisdom   Thanks for visiting!

If you have any questions or just want to reach out you can enter your info below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


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