Recipes Using Sofrito

Here are links to the variety of recipes on this blog that use sofrito.  These can be made without this convenient mixture of cilantro, peppers, garlic and onion- using sofrito just make the recipes easier and more delicious.  I recommend you make a batch and reserve in separate containers- you can keep one in the back of your fridge for when you need and the others in the freezer.  The more recipes you discover and invent that use sofrito the more often you’ll need to make it!

Enjoy! And please share YOUR recipes…

Creamy Coconut Kale with Noodles

Hearty Soup

Bacalaitos (Cod Fish Fritters)

Black Bean Recipe

Vegan Feast

Pinto Beans

Thai Cole Slaw

Garbanzos and Brown Rice

Thai Gumbo

Homemade Guacamole

Middle Eastern Moussaka (eggplant based “cooked salad”)


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