New Year’s Cleanse

Happy New Year to everyone.  It has been both a challenging and rewarding year for me and I am hoping to make room for more love, acceptance and peace in my life– a cleansing, so to speak, of what does not serve or sustain me.  Since there is a long list of positive changes I’d like to make for 2009 (and building upon lessons learned in 2008 ) I decided to start with a cleansing of my body.

I don’t normally diet…Yes, I’ve done Weight Watchers (a couple of times) but counting points is not practical in my life right now (hmmm, but maybe if I get that iPhone that I’ve been thinking about, oh never mind!). I am compelled to do this cleansing diet (after a long while of talking about it), not because I want to lose weight (though that would definitely not hurt), but because I know that the simple carbohydrates and sugar I consume is too much. I am motivated by wanting my skin to clear up (perhaps vain, but so what?), wanting to not feel so sluggish and, most importantly, to be sure I am getting the nutrients I need to remain in good health.

So, I am sharing this cleanse, a few recipes, and some of my comments in the hopes that some of you will join me. I’ve been told that this cleanse has helped people quit smoking, make major lifestyle changes, and start on a path to better health. I will not claim that this will be anything more to me than a way to be a little more conscious of what I eat, a little less reliant to bread and sweets to give me energy, and a little less addicted to dark chocolate (okay, so that last one is a lie, i’m just not ready).

I am starting my third day of the fast and am hoping to update you with stories of awakening and bliss…For now though, I am a bit cranky and headachy– toughing it out with the hopes that I’ll feel better soon.  (I’m thinking maybe I should have eased my way into this instead of saying “Oh, I’ll have this last cookie since I’ll be cleansing on Monday.” Now, I fear, the crash is harder…)

Note: You should first consult your health care practitioner before starting this, or any, diet.  This is not appropriate if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medications.

click here for Dr. Randolph Stone’s Liver Flush And Purfying Diet

Click here for vegan recipes appropriate for this cleanse.

Check back in for more recipes and notes on my progress.

– Eloiza


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