why i started this blog…

I want to start by sharing more about me and my motivation to start this blog. I hope to contribute to a growing dialogue about transformation, change, hope, holistic living and “going green” by posting reflections, recipes, stories, solutions and questions. I’d also like to document my own growth and development in this year that I have dedicated to authenticity and healing…

I have spent the last 15 years of my professional career as an educator. I have taught in various areas from kindergarten to college graduates, from swimming to Zumba Dance Fitness. Having children was one of the most powerful of many transformational experiences I have had in my life. Part of the wisdom I have gained includes valuing the importance of finding and fulfilling one’s life purpose and the necessity for self-care. As my life has become more outwardly focused on caring for my family, I simultaneously have the opportunity to go inward and explore my unmet needs and desires. Throughout this process I have had the invaluable support and guidance of other women— via friendship, family, therapy, life coaching, acupuncture, massage, birth doula care and more.

I have found power in having the opportunity to deeply listen and also be heard, the opportunity to affirm and also be acknowledged and praised, the opportunity to facilitate and teach and also be guided and coached. I have a deep passion to witness and guide others in their own transformational journeys—to provide the loving, supportive and affirming space for women, in particular, and families, in general, to explore and have the courage to be their authentic selves. This can include the venture to start a new path, give birth, raise children, have more satisfying and meaningful relationships and live a more passionate life– all while taking good care of ourselves, each other and our environment.


2 thoughts on “why i started this blog…”

  1. Hello! Thanks for linking to my blog. I am enjoying your vibrant, connected writing! How great to find another sister coach/mama out there in the world!


  2. wow! thanks so much for the affirmation…i love your spirit and your writing and when i noticed you were a coach too i was in awe. i am still a novice to both coaching and doula-ing but am feeling very connected and alive around it– thanks for noticing!
    warmly, elo

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